Dr. Heehyoung Lee

Board Member Appointed February 2020

Dr. Heehyoung Lee, co-founder and managing partner at LumeBio, Inc., was appointed to Calidi’s Board of Directors in February 2020, after previously advising the company since September 2019. In addition to her current role at the South Korea-based biotechnology company, Dr. Lee has served extensively in the biopharmaceutical space for over 15 years, with expertise including drug discovery and development of innovative and high-impact pharmaceuticals. Prior to LumeBio, she held positions at Hanmi Pharmaceutical, Co., Ltd., Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc., and an academic position at City of Hope National Medical Center. Upon completing her Ph.D. in Pathology & Molecular Medicine in 2002, Dr. Lee received the American Heart Association Fellowship and held a postdoctoral position at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, where her research focused on tumor immunobiology and cancer. Her seminal findings in linking lipid metabolism to JAK-STAT-driven cancer are published in the Nature Medicine and Nature Reviews Cancer scientific journals. Dr. Lee’s impressive background further includes global strategic planning and alliance management for several pharmaceutical and biotech companies—Sanofi, Genentech, and Eli Lilly and Company.