Calidi Biotherapeutics is developing an advanced oncolytic virus consisting of a potent and proven safe oncolytic vaccinia virus the function of which is enhanced drastically by combining the therapy with a proprietary stem-cell delivery platform. Our stem cell platform acts as a ‘Trojan horse’ hiding the virus, preventing the oncolytic viral elimination by the patient’s immune system, and facilitating initial viral amplification inside stem cells. The stem cells then release the active oncolytic viruses and promote the expansion of the virus at the tumor sites. Our treatment will kill tumor cells and will change the tumor from being unrecognizable by the immune system (Cold) to recognizable by the immune system (Hot).

Following the transformation of the tumor with Calidi’s initial treatment, the patient can receive other immunotherapeutics (checkpoints, BITES or CAR-T, the most compelling developments in cancer therapy over the last five years) aiming now to capitalize on the work of the immune system to fully eliminate the tumor as well as distant metastasis resulting in a systemic and durable clinical response.