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Our Team

World Class Executives & Scientists

Allan Camaisa

Chief Executive Officer
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Boris Minev, MD

President, Medical and Scientific Affairs

George Ng

President and Chief Operations Officer

David Sans Ph.D., MBA

Chief Corporate Development

Wendy Pizarro, Esq.

Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Legal Officer

Stephen Thesing

Chief Business Officer

Tony Kalajian, CPA/MBA

Interim Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer

Antonio F. Santidrian, PH.D.

Global Head of Research and Development, SVP

Amish Patel, PH.D.

Vice President of Technical Operations

Barbara Haertl, PH.D.

Associate Vice President, Manufacturing Operations

Thomas Herrmann, PH.D.

Associate Vice President, R&D, Process & Assay Development

Scientific and Medical Advisory

Karen Aboody, MD

Ewa Carrier, MD

Santosh Kesari, MD/PH.D.

Matt S. Lesniak, MD

Ashok Srivastava, MD/PH.D.

W.K. Alfred Yung, MD

Dmitriy Zamarin, MD/PH.D.