Our Science

We believe that oncolytic viruses are a critical element in the effective immunotherapy of cancer.

Oncolytic viruses preferentially target and replicate in cancer cells

Through scientific advancement, we now know that cancer cells have a deficiency that allows specific oncolytic viruses to infect and replicate within tumors while sparing healthy tissues.

In addition, the abnormal activation of multiple oncogenic pathways in cancer cells also supports the viral replication. Importantly, the availability of a large pool of nucleotides for viral genome synthesis in cancer cells provides an optimal environment for the oncolytic viral replication.

The most compelling developments in cancer therapy over the last five years has been related to checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T cells. Unfortunately, most solid tumors are “cold” and unresponsive to checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T therapies. We knew that there had to be a more effective way to attack these tumors. This is why our scientific research team asked the question: What if solid tumors could be made “hot”? Our scientists have been diligently researching and finding answers to this very question.

Calidi Biotherapeutics has discovered new ways to optimize and precisely deliver our oncolytic viruses in order to sensitize tumors to modern immuno-oncology therapeutics like checkpoint inhibitors, CAR-T, and others. This means that we have found a way to turn “cold” tumors into “hot” tumors, which facilitates their treatment with the new combination immunotherapy approaches.