In our first-in-human study in 26 patients with advanced metastatic cancer, Calidi demonstrated excellent safety and initial signals of efficacy after a single treatment administration in patients with advanced metastatic tumors utilizing autologous stem cells loaded with oncolytic viruses (vaccinia).

We are currently working on an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to commence a new Phase 1b/2 clinical trial for our leading product candidate SNV-1c.  Indications initially under development for SNV-1c include in-transit melanoma, prostate cancer, triple negative breast cancer, and bladder cancer.  Additionally, our team is developing next generation oncolytic viruses armed with a variety of therapeutic payloads and delivered by our cell-based platform.

Calidi is also developing PAN-SV, a universal cell delivery system to protect, amplify and potentiate any oncolytic viruses (developed internally or externally).  This technology is available for partnering or licensing.